Superhero's of 2017 - Starting list.

Jakob Carlsen, Denmark Finished
Kent Lundagger, Denmark Finished
Casper Ortvald, Denmark Finished
Jeff Tomassetti & KK, USA Finished with reroute
Peter Reibert Hansen, Denmark Diverted from route
Bo Skakke, Denmark DNF
Kenneth Mau Larsen, Denmark DNF
Claus Ortvald, Denmark DNF
Sanne Røhe, Denmark DNF
Lars Bergelius, Denmark Cancelled
Stefan Scheffler, Germany Cancelled
Rene Fischer, Germany Cancelled
Marcus Stenlien, Denmark Cancelled
Claus Robl, Denmark Didnt dare to show

2017 - LoI.. or "Letter of intent" in real words.

LoI is your letter to me telling me, If you wanna be a part of this. It can be a simple "im coming" or a bigger storie to it, that me and others might enjoy.

Ill post here, when i see the LoI in the mail


From 22. jan 2017 From Marc Gottmanns, Germany
Hey Casper,
I’m coming to your tour in August.
I think it’s a great way to discover your country, it’s a shame for me, a country that is directly north of Germany and I’v never been there.
See you soon

From 25. februar 2017 From Claus Ortvald, Denmark
Going to do my first event in this game, looking forward to it


From 16. May. 2017, From Photographer Jakob Carlsen
Hi Casper, looking forward to ride your awesome route and explore some new and some familiar locations :-)

18 Marts 2017, From Marcus Stenlien
Jeg deltager (:

18 Maj 2017, From Jeff Florida (and Carroll)
Casper, we have returned from Spain! Next up is Denmark Across!
Jeff Tomassetti and KK on the Tandem.

29. juni 2017, From Sanne Røhn
Hej Casper 
Med bævende hjerte og tanken om ømme lår og bagdel tilmelder jeg mig hermed - det bliver den fedeste oplevelse for mig at se vores skønne land på denne måde!

9. juli 2017, From Lars B
Hi Casper.
It is a great idea!
Because it seams impossible to me - I like it!
Because I have never gone that far in one day - and doing it again the next day and the next - I like it!
Because I have never slept in a shelter - I like it!
Because I am Dane and I am going to see places I have never seen in Denmark - I like it!
Because I can not let go of the thought - I like it!
Because I like to bike ....

15. Juli 2017, From Stefan Scheffler
Hello Casper!
This is my letter of intent!
Cheers from Hamburg

9. Juli 2017, From Claus Robl
Hej Casper
Jeg er interesseret i løbet Denmark Across...

10. Juli 2017, From Peter Reibert Hansen

Hej Casper
Fedt med Across Danmark turen, jeg vil utrolig gerne med.

21. Juli 2017, Kent Lundagger

Hej Casper
Her er mit LOi
Bedre sent end aldrig👍🏻👍🏻
Skal jo igang med det Bikepacking
27.Juli 2017, Kenneth Larsen
Count me in! I hope it is not to late to join? I am all new to this bikepacking thing but let's see how it goes. To good to miss.

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