Good intel

No, there is no fee... its free... and no.. there is no winner medals or t-shirts.. but you can take alot of pictures and take those home with you.

GPS files will be send out 1 month before the start. or check the updates for a info on the file.

We will start at 8.00 the 18th august 2017 all together at Dragør Harbour.

You will send me a photo of you at the beach in skagen whne you arrive there, phone number will be given at dragør before departure.

There will, together with the GPS file, be a Tour-guide telling you a bit about what you are passing.

The pace is what you make it, but I would think a very fast rider could do it in 4 days.

Personally Ill be doing it in 7-8 days.

Any bike can be used ( no Phaty.. not your Ebike !) but I would recommend a gravelgrinder, or big wheeled MTB.

Wanna go Singelspeed... do it.. Wanna take your fatbike.. do it ( the coast line on the west coast of Jutland might be worth it.)

You wanna get in on it ? Send me a mail with your LOI (letter of intent) and Ill include you to the list

Dont know what mail.. well.. then use this:

Wait a sec. you said there wasnt a fee... Yea.. but there is... a beer from your local area.. to be handed over at the startline (I wont drink it there, but Ill be thinking about it the hole trip, and be a happy camper coming home to it)

Wanna meet the other riders. Then come to Syvstjernehusene 21, in Værløse and share a meal with us the day before at 18.00.
We are starting the grill.. so bring some meat, and wine/beer/soda/water/milk/tequila of your choice, and we have some salat and bread.. Camping in the garden is an option for riders that dont know where to go after. There is a train or bikeride of 35km the next morning to the starting spot.

Where are you, vs all the others ? We wont be doing Trackers the first year.. might get add'ed next year.. So, yea.. the other riders are in front of you if you are slow, or behind you if you are fast.
Good idea.. well.. install the "Shelter" app on your phone, it shows a lot of places to get out of the rain at night.

Wanna share your location so others know where you are ? Join the app:  GPS Phone Tracker. Info about this will be in the mail going out with the track.

Sleeping under the stars, In Denmark that's fine, as long as you are in a public forest. So.. how do you know that ? when you wake up and a farmer is yelling at you, then it wasn't public !

Money, yea, its not free in Denmark. We use Danish Kroner, and stuff can be expensive, but you can get away with your credit card in 97% of the time.

I know you have alot of bikes, all with different primary use. What would you take on this trip ?
hmmm.. I think ill like to take my Krampus, for the huge comfort it gives me, and its gonna be nice on the smaller tracks. It migth even work on the hard sand of Vestkysten. Or ill take the Straggler and go for a record time, suffering a bit more, but have a higher average speed on the tarmac.

Wanna be noted as a Survivor of this ride ? Send me your GPX file after the race, and you will be put down with the other hero's as a finisher including your time. 

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