fredag den 4. august 2017


I made a Facebook group for checkpoint photo's and general debate and questions.

And its not the same as the page we hade some days ago.. so you might need to join in here too :)
The "Page" will be deleted in 2-3 days time

søndag den 16. juli 2017

One month Update !!!!

So yeah... its getting closer.

The GPX file should be going out later this week, along with a bit of small info's.

So this here will be the last update for now on the blog. There is a bit updates in the Intel, and I Add'ed the latest LOI's i have received.

If your name is not on the list, and you already mailed me.. then I fucked up and missed your mail.. plz resend to enlighten me.

And for the boy's and girls sitting at home thinking about joining, this will be the last chance to get on the list. When the GPX file is send, I wont add anymore, so make up your mind fast !

onsdag den 14. juni 2017

GPX file

The summer has begun, and the route is nearly done.

The track will go live late juli, since we still have two sections that need a bit of scouting.

And.. for the riders that wanna participate in this ride/race, dont forget to send a LOI, so i have your Mail-address....

The File will only be send via mail

mandag den 5. juni 2017

First Update

So, it finally updated.

Yea, I put in some updates, on the Rules, and the Intel, go see if you can spot it.

Uh.. and I add'ed some of the LOI I have gotten the last months...

2½ months to departure..

fredag den 30. december 2016


You have landed here, do to your attraction to bikepacking, and for that a HUGE Welcome.

I made the Route, since i wanted to show the community how Denmark looks like from a bike.
The Idea is to get out to the more remote parts of Denmark, and enjoy the countryside.

The Start date for the Departure will be 18th august, and from there its just one long happy route to get your smiles going.